Discover the feast in the forest

By Chris Drost

If you are looking for an authentic experience in North Hastings, you don’t have to look any further than Ang Moore and husband Kevin’s Mystic Hollow Homestead in North Hastings. Ang is waiting to take you on an adventure in foraging for wild edibles.

Once you arrive at Mystic Hollow Homestead on Whitechurch Road off Lower Faraday Road, just south of Bancroft, you will begin the day with a presentation and chat about what to look for while you are out foraging. Then, equipped with some new-found knowledge, you will be ready to head out for a couple of hours of foraging on the property, or sometimes another nearby location. Ang is also open to carrying out the workshop on your property, by prior arrangement. Shorter experiences are also possible.

When the group meets up after the morning of foraging, it is time for lunch. Moore says it is usually soup, made with locally found wild edible ingredients, and of course, some fresh homemade bread.

During the afternoon of foraging, whatever is collected is divided among the participants so everyone leaves with a selection of wild edibles to try at home. Moore has developed a booklet about what wild edibles can be found in the area, and she includes some recipes so participants can try them when they are back in their own kitchen.

If the wild edible collecting were not enough, Mystic Hollow Homestead offers some additional experiences to round out your adventure. The farm has an abundance of livestock on the property, goats, sheep, highland cattle, quail, rabbits, turkey, chickens and Muscovy ducks and more. Moore is always happy to share some of her knowledge and stories about the animals that live on the homestead. If you happen to visit during the springtime, Moore and family tap the trees for maple syrup. They also raise chicks and offer eggs for sale. Freshly picked herbs and other greens may also be available for purchase depending on the time of your visit.

Families are also welcome to bring children to specifically see the farm animals and learn about them. Just call ahead to arrange a visit.

After a hiatus during COVID-19, Moore is excited to get her Wild Edible Workshop experiences back in full swing. It is just one of many wildly authentic adventures in North Hastings in Hastings County.

For further information and to book your experience, contact Moore at 705-931-3473 or visit Mystic Hollow Homestead and Prepping Adventures on Facebook or email