Take a Winter Adventure in North Hastings

There is nothing quite so beautiful as freshly fallen snow under a dark winter sky filled with brightly coloured stars on a moonlit night, and North Hastings is the place to experience it.

While camping has traditionally been a three-season activity, more people are discovering the joy of winter camping. There is no concern with being cold when you take along your hot tent, complete with its own miniature woodstove.

Winter is one of the best times of the year to discover Crown land opportunities for camping. There are no bugs, you will probably have the area to yourself, and you can still enjoy such favourite pastimes as fishing, although this time, it is through the ice. On some lakes winter is the best time to fish.

You don’t need a snowmobile to take a winter camping trip. All you need is a pair of snowshoes and a sled to pull your equipment and food. The forest provides fallen trees for your fire and a water filter or tablets will allow you to obtain drinking water from a nearby lake.

There is something satisfying about taking a winter trek into the woods and spending the night. It is a great way to test your adventurous spirit and connect with nature.

Best of all, there is nothing better than the quiet in the forest on a winter night when the snow is falling gently, and you are cozy by your fire.

About 43 % of North Hastings is Crown land. This means that with a map in hand, winter is one of the best times to put a little adventure into your life.

If you prefer, there are organized group winter camping opportunities at Cedar Ridge Camp in McArthurs Mills, just 15 minutes east of Bancroft. Visit www.cedarridgecamp.ca for details.